Hi. My name is Max Levchin. @mlevchin.


I co-founded and am the CEO of Affirm. We are going to remake consumer finance from the ground up.

My other main project is Glow, where I am Chairman.

Both Affirm and Glow came out of my data-as-commodity project HVF, which is working on new products.


Was Chairman of Yelp for 11 years -- from its founding until July 2015.

Founded and was CEO of Slide, which Google acquired, and subsequently shut down.

Sat on the Board of Directors of Yahoo! until December 2015.

Before all that, I co-founded and was CTO of PayPal. You can take a look at some early PayPal photos here.


You are welcome to contact me via whatever channel you like, but please do not be offended if I never respond, as I tend to be very busy.

Sometimes I invest in small companies. If you want to send me your "pitch", please consider recording a pitch video, posting it on YouTube, and sending me the link. I found this approach to be very time-efficient.